Luxor Mining Pool | Catalyst
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Welcome to Catalyst
Catalyst uses smart coin-conversion technology to allow you to mine Bitcoin with any miner.
Mine Siacoin. Earn Bitcoin.
You can now earn BTC with your SC miner. Catalyst can now convert your SC mining rewards to BTC when your minimum payout threshold is met. Altcoin mining just became a little bit easier.
Conversion Strategy
Real Market PriceNicehash Market Price
3%3% Buyer + 3% Seller Fee
Mininum Payout
Customizable0.001 BTC
Catalyst vs. Nicehash
Nicehash requires an active group of sellers and buyers to continously find an efficient price. You take on high-fees on both ends of the trade.
Luxor converts your mining rewards into BTC at true market value. In the near future, we will allow users to choose what percentage of their rewards they'd like to keep in altcoins, and what amount should be liquidated to BTC.
Any Algorithm, Any Machine.
If your machine can mine on any of our 12 coins, then you can mine Bitcoin today. Just register for a user account, turn on Catalyst for your favorite supported altcoin, and start earning satoshis today.